Mila Kunis Targeted In Anti-Semitic Rant

mila kunis targeted in anti-semitic rant

Mila Kunis is from the Ukraine, but apparently not everyone there is a fan of hers as she makes it big in Hollywood. Jewish organizations are angry about a Ukrainian politician Igor Miroshnichenko referring to Mila as a “zhydovka”, which translates as “dirty Jewess” and is reportedly a derogatory word against Jewish people that was used during the Holocaust.

Are you KIDDING me? How could an elected official even *think* it was appropriate to refer to anyone using an offensive slur? Mila hasn’t responded to the comments but has talked about her childhood in the Ukraine in the past.

“My whole family was in the Holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived. After the Holocaust, in Russia you were not allowed to be religious. So my parents raised me to know I was Jewish. You know who you are inside. When I was in school you would still see anti-Semitic signs.
“One of my friends who grew up in Russia, she was in second grade. She came home one day crying. Her mother asked why and she said on the back of her seat there was a swastika. This is a country that obviously does not want you.”
Hopefully this politician will face some type of censure for these remarks.