X-Factor Finalists Arrive For The Afterparty

Did you watch The X-Factor finale last night?  I was out but made it home in time to tune in to the big reveal of the winner.  I will admit that I was disappointed that Carly Rose Sonenclar didn’t win, but I’m sure she’s going to have a huge career anyway.

After last night’s finale former contestants like Emblem 3, CeCe Frey, Diamond White, Fifth Harmony and winner Tate Stevens all showed up for the after party at Mixology at The Grove. I am sad to hear that Britney Spears is undecided if she’s going to return next season, because I really hope she does. I loved watching her this year!



Jennifer Garner Does The Starbucks Run

Oh everyone loves those red Starbucks cups, and celebrities, are no exception!  One of our favourite celeb mamas, Jennifer Garner, was spotted grabbing Starbucks to go today at The Brentwood Country Mart.  If you want to do some serious celeb spotting forget The Grove and head to Brentwood!

Jen looked awesome in her skinny jeans and tall black boots and kept warm with a nice pea coat.  Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Jennifer in 2013 with her husband Ben Affleck’s movie Argo nominated for a few Golden Globes and a front runner for an Oscar nod too.  Can’t wait for them on the red carpet!



Hot New Trailer – ‘This Is The End’ Red Band Trailer Starring Seth Rogen And James Franco

this is the end trailer

Well there certainly a lot of ‘end of the world’ jokes flying around today, so what better day than today to release the red band trailer for Seth Rogen’s new comedy ‘This is the End‘.  Starring a very funny cast including Rogen, Danny McBride, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill all playing themselves as the world basically ends around them. This is the red band trailer so it is extremely NSFW so make sure there’s no bosses or kids around when you watch!

Shemar Moore Poses With Fans At The Grove

Well now there’s a way to make last minute holiday shopping much more enjoyable! By getting your picture taken with the incredibly handsome Shemar Moore!  Shemar was doing some last minute shopping of his own at the outdoor LA mall The Grove yesterday when he was spotted by some fans.

Always the gentleman, Shemar stopped to sign autographs and pose for pictures.  Lucky ladies!  I love that Shemar always seems so humble and genuine with his fans.  Hollywood could use more people like Shemar Moore!



Afternoon Links With Cheryl Cole

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Oh my. Rihanna has gotten another tattoo, on her backside! (Bohomoth)

The hottest bikini bodies of 2012 (Splash News Online)



Hot New Trailer: Kim Kardashian In Tyler Perry’s ‘Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor’

kim kardashian in the marriage counselor

Do you think it means anything that this trailer, the one for Kim Kardashian’s FIRST movie, is showing up on the last day of the Mayan calendar, 12-21-12? I doubt it, but I couldn’t resist pointing it out- LOL. Here’s our first look at Kim’s big screen debut in the new Tyler Perry movie, ‘Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.’ (If you recall, Kim shot this while dealing with the fallout from her divorce filing from Kris Humphries.)

I think Tyler knew exactly what he was doing. Notice how Kim is strategically placed right at the beginning? THEN we get to the plot of the movie. Something tells me Tyler is shooting to crossover. His movies do very well with African Americans, but I think he’s going mainstream. With all of his success (who else has their own STUDIO?), it makes sense to focus on expanding his audience. Does ‘Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’ look good to you?

Zac Efron Laughs It Up On Set

zac efron films are we officially dating

Here’s one of our favorite Hot Guys of the DayZac Efron, hard at work on the set of his new movie, ‘Are We Officially Dating.’ I don’t know if Zac is filming when he’s laughing so hard or relaxing with his co-stars. Either way, he’s convinced me he’s having a good time- LOL. Here’s a (very brief) description of the movie, courtesy of IMDb:

Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single.

Hmmm… I’m guessing Zac’s character, at least, is in the middle of having a good time when- BHAM- he falls in love. That’s how it goes, doesn’t it? You find love when you aren’t looking for it. Does the movie sound interesting to you? Zac seems to really make an effort to find high-quality movies to do, so I’m willing to give this one a chance.


Photos by Ivan Nikolov/WENN