Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Divorce Hold-Up Over Money

demi moore & ashton kutcher divorce hold-up over money

Oh, boy. Ashton Kutcher may have finally filed for divorce over a year after Demi Moore left him, but the year-long wait doesn’t seem likely to make this divorce any more peaceful, if TMZ’s story is accurate. Sources tell TMZ the reason Demi hadn’t filed so far was over financial issues. Apparently, she wants a lot of money from Ashton.

Demi reportedly got a lot of money from Bruce Willis when they divorced. She is said to want something similar from Ashton. The problem? Demi has more money than Ashton, so he’s probably not willing to give her that type of settlement. If that’s true, then something tells me a court will side with Ashton if it comes to that. I bet Demi wants something since Ashton cheated on her. I don’t necessarily blame her, but I’m not sure that’s enough of a justification for a large settlement. What do you think?