Rihanna Lounges With Friends

rihanna and her friends hang out in barbados

Rihanna is still lounging on her patio in Barbados! She wasn’t lounging solo yesterday, however. Rihanna was joined by some friends. They had a scare yesterday when a man trespassed on her property. TMZ reports the police were called, but by the time they arrived, the man was  gone.

Thank goodness no one was hurt! I wonder if the man guy even knew he was trespassing on Rihanna’s property? The police are still looking for him, so he might find out.


Photos by Islandpaps/Coqueran/FAMEFLYNET

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Do Lunch

kim kardashian & kanye west do lunch

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted leaving Kung Pao Bistro in West Hollywood. Neither one looks very happy. Is there some kind of tiff going on or were Kim and Kanye annoyed by the paparazzi? This is one couple I do NOT imagine being upset about the paparazzi.

The only way I could imagine the paparazzi being unwelcome was if they asked a troubling question. The paps do love to try to get under celebs’ skins, don’t they? Then again, no one would like being photographed 24/7. Perhaps Kim and Kanye just wanted to enjoy a quiet meal and leave unnoticed.


Photos by JP/JFXimages/WENN

Which Actresses Are No Longer BFFs? (Celebrity Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

This is too bad. Ending a friendship over a man (especially an ex!) is unfortunate. Read on for the deets:

These two actresses, who have had very similar career paths, are fairly close in age with the first actress being just a bit older than the second. They have been good friends for years, even though they have occasionally come up against each other for parts.

The two suddenly stopped hanging out with each other this year. It turns out that the first actress found out that the second actress slept with the first actress’ ex-husband. It was just one night of alcohol-fueled passion, and it occurred after the first actress’ divorce, but the first actress still saw it as a tremendous breach of trust, and has yet to forgive the second actress.

I have one guess, but I don’t think I’m right. Who do you think these two actresses are?

– Item from Blind Gossip

Jennifer Lopez Takes To The Field

jennifer lopez at charity football game

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart got their holiday off to a great start. The couple flew to Puerto Rico to play in a charity football game. The proceeds went to Hurricane Sandy victims. Good for Jennifer and Casper to take some time out of their holiday preparations to participate in an event like this, especially when you consider that Jennifer’s been away from home on tour since this summer.

They even made it a family affair. Jennifer’s twins, Max and Emme, were there to cheer their mom and Casper on from the sidelines. I bet the entire family had a fun time. And can you believe how amazing Jennifer looks? She’s rocking those shorts! Go, JLo!



Kelly Osbourne & Matthew Mosshart Depart LA

kelly osbourne & matthew mosshart at lax

Kelly Osbourne and boyfriend Matthew Mosshart were seen catching a flight out of LA at LAX. They’ll be home in England in time for the holidays. I assume neither one is responsible for dinner; Kelly and Matthew will probably deplane and make it just in time to join everyone else at the table.

Kelly seems so happy these days. It’s good to see. She’s come so far and grown so much from when we first saw her on ‘The Osbournes.’ It’s been amazing to watch. Maybe the Osbournes will be celebrating another family wedding soon?


Photos by Crown/FAMEFLYNET

Mariah Carey Dripping In Diamonds

mariah carey shopping in aspen

Mariah Carey was spotted doing more shopping in Aspen. LOVE her outfit here! Check out the bling; she’s dripping in diamonds from her earrings to her bracelet to her ring. Gorgeous. Mariah clearly likes her diamonds, but then, who doesn’t like diamonds?

Has Mariah hit the slopes at all? Perhaps she doesn’t like to be away from the twins for that long. Aspen, obviously, is known for skiing, but there are plenty of other things to enjoy about the city. I, for one, would probably just move into one of their renown spas- LOL.



Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Visit Paris Churches

halle berry & olivier martinez in paris

Don’t Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez just look… content? The engaged couple strolled down the streets of Paris, holding hands. It’s like being away from LA has lifted a weight from their shoulders. Given all that’s been going on over the last few months, that makes sense!

While taking in the sights, Halle and Olivier also stopped by two churches: St Sulpice and St-Germain des Pres. Could they be scouting out wedding locations? I wouldn’t be surprised, since Olivier is from Paris. Something tells me we’re going to be hearing about a romantic Paris wedding for Halle and Olivier in 2013.