Which Actresses Are No Longer BFFs? (Celebrity Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

This is too bad. Ending a friendship over a man (especially an ex!) is unfortunate. Read on for the deets:

These two actresses, who have had very similar career paths, are fairly close in age with the first actress being just a bit older than the second. They have been good friends for years, even though they have occasionally come up against each other for parts.

The two suddenly stopped hanging out with each other this year. It turns out that the first actress found out that the second actress slept with the first actress’ ex-husband. It was just one night of alcohol-fueled passion, and it occurred after the first actress’ divorce, but the first actress still saw it as a tremendous breach of trust, and has yet to forgive the second actress.

I have one guess, but I don’t think I’m right. Who do you think these two actresses are?

– Item from Blind Gossip