Bethenny Frankel Says Marriage Isn’t Easy For Her

bethenny frankel on her marital problems

Bethenny Frankel announced right before Christmas that she was separating from husband Jason Hoppy. Some close to her are saying this separation is an attempt for them to give each other space and try to work things out, rather than a precursor to a divorce. Only time will tell. But Bethenny admits that nothing, including her marriage, comes easily for her.

“Nothing comes easily for me. Being successful in business doesn’t come easy for me. Marriage doesn’t come easily for me. You have to fight for everything.”

Bethenny also opened up to People about her marital problems.

“Our core issues are wanting the other person to be somebody they are not. Jason is more balanced. He doesn’t want to work 24 hours a day. He wants to play golf and go out with his friends. The irony is, we chose each other for who the person is – and then sometime you want it both ways.”

Bethenny denied that being on reality TV made things worse.

“Our issues are our issues, and I can’t say reality TV exacerbates that. We had our issues when we were dating. We always had the struggle to accept one another. He feels there are so many people who have a piece of me. The core issues are he wants me to open up to let me in, and my basic thing is, I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t say what I feel. I have to be in a relationship where I can say what I feel even if it’s wrong – so we can work through it.

“I just wanted to be able to say something, without him saying I am a bad person for having those feelings. What can I be, besides honest? I’ve often thought that if I didn’t make it work, I would end up alone and that I would never want to be married again.”

We’ll see what happens. I’m pulling for them to find a way to resolve their differences, but if they can’t, then they can’t. Sometimes things just don’t work out.


Photos by Crown/BJJ/FAMEFLYNET