Rachel Zoe’s White (Sands) Christmas

Rachel Zoe had a white Christmas. Kinda. White sands would be a more appropriate description, since she’s in St. Barts. Rachel is Jewish, however, so she’s not even caught up in all of the Christmas celebrations. Instead, she can take advantage of the slow time to take a family holiday. Sounds like a great idea to me!

I have to say, however, Rachel must be one of the most covered-up people on the beach. Goodness! I see Skyler’s with her. I can understand not wanting to run around after a toddler in a bikini, but Rachel’s literally swathed in fabric. Then again, the last time we saw pictures of her in a bikini, it sparked anorexia rumors, she was SO thin. I wouldn’t wear a bikini within range of a paparazzo’s lens, either, if that was likely to happen.