Rihanna & Chris Brown Wish Everyone Merry Christmas

rihanna & chris brown instagram pic

Yeah, Rihanna and Chris Brown are definitely back on. Rihanna posted this picture on Instagram. Chris and Rihanna gave their fans a joint “Merry Christmas” greeting. The picture is definitely… interesting.

These two are together, and they want the world to know it. They are consenting adults. Hopefully Rihanna has people around to protect her. I think the tough thing about this is Chris doesn’t seem all that remorseful for what he did. Well, who knows, right? It’s not easy facing ongoing public condemnation.




  1. Marie says

    I like both their music. Im not a crazed fan, but as a human being who has made mistakes I think you and everyone really need to get over it. They are adults. They have made their decisions and it’s not for everyone to question or analyze. Others have done worse things and have not been condemned half as much as Chris. He’s apologized many times let him move on with his life..geez. There are other more important things worth dwelling on in this world.