Kanye West Is Kim Kardashian’s BFF

kanye west is kim kardashian's bff

Kim Kardashian is still trying to finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries after a whirlwind engagement and 72 days of marriage. So why should things be any better with her current boyfriend, Kanye West? Because their friends, according to insiders.

“She and Kris rushed into their marriage and then a few weeks after they said, ‘I do’ they realized they didn’t even like each other. But Kanye is Kim’s best friend. There are no secrets between them and she knows she can trust him.

“Kris has been dragging his feet on the divorce for so long that Kim sometimes wonders if it will ever become official. Kanye wants to give her a wedding she’ll never forget but it can’t happen until Kris signs the papers.”

What is the hold-up? I think Kris wants Kim to admit she married him for the sake of her reality TV shows. That way, he can get the annulment he wants. On one hand, I can see where Kim wouldn’t want to admit that: talk about hurting her brand! On the other hand, if it gets him to agree to end the marriage, maybe it’s worth it? If I were Kim, I’d offer to return the engagement ring as a compromise.


Photos by Thumbs42/FAMEFLYNET