Neve Campbell Explains How She Named Her Son

neve campbell on naming her son caspian

Anyone who’s had a child knows that coming up with a name for your baby can be a real challenge! Neve Campbell explains how she named her five-month-old son.

“We looked through a lot of books and I liked the idea of a unique name. I like having a unique name — it’s [my mom’s] maiden name, Neve — and not a lot of people have it. It’s nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son.

“We decided that we’d wait and see and meet him and then decide,” she explains. “And … when  he was born we realized we could only remember one and that was Caspian, so it seemed like it was right.”

It’s weird how that can work, isn’t it? Sometimes you really do know just by actually meeting the baby.