Tom Cruise Dipping Into The Dating Pool

tom cruise dating

Nearly six months after reaching a divorce settlement with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise seems to be wading back into the dating pool. I guess it helps that he’s done filming for a little bit, too. First he was linked with Jennifer Akerman, Malin’s younger sister. Now he’s been seen out with Beauty & Essex manager Cynthia Jorge. A source who saw Tom and Cynthia out together said:

“It was straight out of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ Tom seemed to be in his own world, completely smitten.”

However, another source said Tom and Cynthia are “just friends,” and she was showing him New York’s hotspots.

“They just had a drink; that was it.”

Apparently it started after Cynthia gave Tom her card when he ate at Beauty & Essex last week. Well, we’ll find out if it’s something serious. You can’t date a movie star like Tom secretly forever.


Photos by Marquez/FAMEFLYNET