Where Did Suri Cruise Spend Christmas?

suri cruise spends christmas with katie holmes

Whichever parent Suri Cruise spent Christmas with, we know she was one happy girl on Christmas morning. Both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spared no expense with her gifts! It turns out Suri spent Christmas in Ohio with her mom before flying to Telluride to be with her dad. An insider told Us Weekly:

“Suri went to spend Christmas with Katie’s family back home. There was never a doubt that Katie would have Suri for Christmas morning. Katie thinks getting Suri out of the city is healthy for her — seeing how life is outside of their world there.”

I agree with Katie: growing up in a rarefied environment can leave you completely out of touch. Katie’s trip to Ohio was short: she was back in New York City by December 26 to resume performances for her Broadway play, ‘Dead Accounts.’ The insider said Katie is determined to be her own person in 2013.

“Katie is an incredibly strong woman,” a source says, adding she’s “on a mission to not be coddled, she doesn’t want to be looked upon as Tom Cruise’s ex any more.”

Sounds great to me!


Photos by Teach/FAMEFLYNET