Was Leonardo DiCaprio “Big Timing” Jamie Foxx On ‘Django Unchained’ Set?

was leonardo dicaprio big timing jamie foxx on django set?

Oh, say it ain’t so! Were two of my favorite actors, Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, on less-than-friendly terms on the set of ‘Django Unchained‘? E! News reports Jamie thought Leo was “big timing” him on the ‘Django’ set because he wouldn’t speak to him. Leonardo didn’t deny the behavior but explained he was not trying to “big time” his co-star.

“For me, to get into that mindset, to be that character, that’s the way I needed to be on set every day.”

Sounds like Leo was doing a little bit of method acting as the villain of the movie. And maybe Jamie was settling well into his character as the hero of the movie? Listen to Leonardo talk about his character on ‘Today‘: it sounds like it was tough for him! It also sounds like he credits Jamie with helping him play the character.

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