Brenda Song Works Off Holiday Goodies

brenda song hits the gym

Actress Brenda Song hit the gym yesterday in Studio City, California. She’s a smart girl: work off some of the holiday partying before engaging in more for New Year’s! Don’t even wait to make it a New Year’s resolution. I bet that’s one of the celeb’s stay-slim secrets. Brenda is entering 2013 single since she and Trace Cyrus broke off their engagement earlier this year; I bet she has an exciting New Year’s Eve planned.

Are you working on your New Year’s resolution list? Or are you one of the people who doesn’t even bother because you haven’t kept them anyway, in the past? Personally, I figure, there’s no harm in making a list. It’s better to try and fail than not try at all. But I also try to think about what kept me from fulfilling my resolutions last year. If I can identify the obstacles, then I have a chance at keeping them from getting in my way again. Doesn’t hurt to try…