Kerry Washington Had A Safe Word While Filming ‘Django Unchained’

kerry washington on filming django unchained

Have you had a chance to see Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, ‘Django Unchained‘? I finally did this weekend. Amazing! Kerry Washington plays the slave Broomhilda. She’s also the wife of Jamie Foxx’s character, Django, who is freed after helping German bounty hunter Dr. Schultz (played by Christoph Waltz). Even if you haven’t seen it, it won’t ruin the story for you to read this. In one scene, Kerry’s character is put in the “hotbox” after trying to run away. Quentin explained how he shot the scene for the most realistic effect possible.

“I think she had to be in there for 20 minutes before I yelled action. Kerry is very game to make things as real as possible. Leaving her in the box for 30 seconds and then yelling action wouldn’t work. Nor would sticking her in the box for hours. But 10 minutes in the box could feel like 30. The idea was for Kerry to become disoriented, lose track of time in there, and contemplate what eight hours in the box would feel like. She could yell or scream.”

Luckily for Kerry, however, some precautions were taken. She told Deadline:

“But there was a safe word, so that the crew knew when I was panicking as a person, and not as an actor. This is how a lot of the film went — taking the reality as far as we could.”

There was plenty of realism in ‘Django Unchained,’ trust me, which made it all the more fantastic. I’ve (very) recently become a huge fan of Kerry’s, too. In addition to seeing her in ‘Django Unchained’  this weekend, I finally got on the bandwagon and started watching her show, ‘Scandal.’ I sat down to watch the pilot and ended up watching the entire first season (it was only seven episodes) on Netflix. I’m HOOKED.