Afternoon Links With Psy

afternoon links with psy gangnam style

Molly Sims has a great gift for a mom: a personalized Mommy Necklace. (Celebrity Babies – People)

Former ‘Sex and the City’ star David Eigneberg rolls with his son. (Babyrazzi)

New Years resolutions Moms make (and break). (She Knows Entertainment)

2013’s Hot “New” diet item: Sticky Willies! (FitCeleb)

Snooki flaunts her new ink. (Celebuzz)

Jill Martin rocks an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny, tiny polka dot bikini. (Celebslam)

Is Pippa Middleton this blatantly profiting off her sister, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge? (Bohomoth)

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum relax on the beach. (Splash News Online)



The Duggars Plan To Pray In 2013

duggar family

Didn’t I say earlier some people do this? The Duggar family, of the TLC show ’19 Kids and Counting,’ will be together to ring in the New Year. Michelle Duggar opened up with what they’ll be doing for New Year’s Eve.

“We usually spend time fellowshipping and playing games and visiting as we get ready for midnight.

“Our midnight tradition is to pray in the New Year. About 15 minutes before the New Year is here, we’ll start taking turns going around the room praying and giving thanks. By the time everyone gets a turn, it’s already the New Year.

“It’s a very special time for our family – it gives each one of us an opportunity to really just open up our hearts and talk about the things that we’re thankful for. We always give thanks for the past year and look forward to the New Year. We don’t really focus on resolutions in our family.

“Some of us may make plans to exercise more or do more, there’s definitely a little of that. However, the focus is really more on growing and drawing closer to God. When we do that, I think things fall into place the way they should. For our family, that has a lot to do with getting things moving in the right direction for us. All of the pieces start falling into place when we keep our focus on our faith.”

This is a great way for the family to spend the holiday together. Happy New Year to this incredible family!

Ryan Seacrest Says It’s “Surreal” To Host NYE Without Dick Clark

ryan seacrest on hosting nye without dick clark

Ryan Seacrest is gearing up for quite a night tonight. It will be his first year hosting ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve‘ on ABC without the guy who started the show: Dick Clark. So what will it be like for Ryan?

“Surreal is probably the most appropriate word. You think back 40 years ago he started the tradition . . . I not only watched him, I used to watch him and study how he hosted these shows.”

I’ve been watching Dick Clark on NYE ever since I can remember. I’m not 40 years old, so this started before I was even born! Ryan said they will have a tribute to the icon. Ryan said of his mentor:

“[Dick Clark] was kind of like my guidance counselor. He’d always make you feel like you were his good friend. He was like that in person as well.”

Fergie will be co-hosting from LA while Jenny McCarthy will be with Ryan in Times Square. This will be a bittersweet NYE.


Photos by Mr. Blue/WENN

Video Of Kanye West Announcing Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

kanye west announcing kim kardashian's pregnancy

In case you weren’t in Atlantic City last night when Kanye West dropped what is likely the last BIG story of 2012, you can see the big moment on video! Here’s the actual video of Kanye’s announcement that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. I have to say, perhaps I’m a little dense, but I’m not sure I’d have picked up on it if I were in the audience. I’d be the audience member going “Who’s baby mama?” and “Can they get that feedback problem taken care of?” LOL

Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Kanye look genuinely happy. And he looks genuinely happy here, doesn’t he? We’re in for a big year, 2013, baby-wise!

Hilary Duff Reflects On 2012

hilary duff reflects on 2012

Hilary Duff shared a little bit of her reflections on 2012. She has a lot to reflect on: Hilary became a mom this year! She gave birth to Luca, and as anyone who has kids knows, your ENTIRE LIFE changes once you become a parent. Hilary tweeted:

Having a child is so special! I know it’s not NYE yet but I’m just thinking about my year and feeling so blessed for my precious boy❤ &Mike!

This is a great time of year to reflect on where you’re at, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to go, even if you haven’t had any major life changes. What are you thinking about regarding 2012? And what are you looking forward to for 2013?



Brandy Flaunts Her New Bling

brandy flaunts her bling

Brandy’s 2012 is wrapping up in a spectacular fashion. She got engaged to Ryan Press! The couple currently are vacationing in Hawaii. Brandy posted the above pic of them on Instagram. Check out her ROCK.

OMG! It’s huge. And it’s gorgeous. Brandy is one lucky lady. Ryan, as you can see, has  great taste. I can’t WAIT to see Brandy in her wedding gown. Hopefully we’ll get at least one good picture.

Photo by Brandy


Jennifer Lawrence Is “Regular Girl” Movie Star Next Door

jennifer lawrence likes reality tv & junk food

Jennifer Lawrence really is like your girl next door! Well, besides starring in one of the biggest franchises around, ‘The Hunger Games,’ and gearing up for a second potential Oscar nomination with her role in ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ opposite Bradley Cooper, Jennifer is just like the girl next door- LOL. Jennifer shared her “addictions” in an interview when talking about what she likes to do for fun. She said she likes to have her friends come over.

“It’s like a reality TV show cave. I just learned how to work TiVO. That changed my life.”

The DVR really does change things, doesn’t it? And what does the actress serve her company?

“Junk food. After it’s 11, I’m like, ‘Don’t these kids ever get tired?’ When I’m out, I think about my couch. Like, ‘It would be awesome to be on it right now. I bet there’s an episode of Dance Moms on. Am I missing a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? I’m just stressed by the idea of missing them. Reality TV is my silver lining. At the end of the day there’s probably nothing that makes me feel better than junk food and reality TV.”

If that’s the case, then Jennifer must be thrilled over the news that Kim Kardashian is pregnant– LOL.