Ashlee Simpson & Bronx’s Playdate On The Beach

ashlee simpson & bronx hit the beach with donald faison

Ashlee Simpson and Bronx clearly LOVE the beach. Who can blame them? The beaches in Hawaii are among the best in the world. Here are Ashlee and Bronx, back in the sand, playing away.

They’re joined by friends who are with the Simpsons. In the gallery you can see a picture of Donald Faison. It looks like newlyweds Donald and Cacee Cobb are honeymooning in Oahu as well. Between Jessica Simpson’s baby news and Cacee and Donald’s recent wedding, it must be a wonderful vacation for everyone there.


Photos by Zeus/Apollo/FAMEFLYNET

Lindsay Lohan Is Happy Dining Out

lindsay lohan dines out in london

After a day of shopping at Harrod’s, Lindsay Lohan freshened up and then went back out to dinner. She reportedly ate at Cipriani Restaurant. Lindsay wore yet another fur coat out! She arrived in a beige fur, spent the day out shopping wearing gray fur, and here she is in a black fur coat.

Either Lindsay has a very generous benefactor or she’s not denying herself, fashion-wise. It’s probably good for Lindsay to get away from the States. She plans to ring in the new year in London. Perhaps it’s easier for things to stay calm across the pond. I guess it ultimately comes down to who she left behind in the States.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Jessica Simpson Is Bumpin’ & Proud

jessica simpson bikini twitpic

Jessica Simpson flaunted her baby bump in a bikini on twitter. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman posted this picture of herself with the tweet:

Bumpin’ and Proud!

Doesn’t she look cute? Hopefully now Jessica will join her sister, Ashlee Simpson, and nephew Bronx on the beach in Hawaii. She has nothing to hide! I still can’t believe Jessica’s pregnant again so fast, but I’m happy for her. And I’m still waiting to see if there’s some wedding news to announce once they’re done vacationing in Hawaii. We didn’t hear anything about Christmas Day, but wouldn’t a wedding be a GREAT way to ring in the new year?

Photo by Jessica Simpson

Eva Mendes Stocks Up On Groceries

eva mendes at gelson's grocery store

Here’s Eva Mendes leaving Gelson’s grocery store in Los Feliz. Eva looks like she stocked up on groceries. I’m guessing she and boyfriend Ryan Gosling plan on spending New Year’s Eve in. Maybe they’re entertaining at home?

If you don’t host Christmas dinner, then a New Year’s Eve party is a fun idea. If you did host Christmas dinner, then it’s hard to even consider hosting a New Year’s Eve event- LOL. After hosting a big Christmas dinner, even the increased prices to eat out don’t seem so bad, right? Or you can splurge on a nice bottle of champagne and take it to someone else’s place.


Photos by Miguel/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

Which Actress Spooks Everyone With Her Silence? (Celeb Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

This actress needs to learn some self-control! Here’s the goss:

A lot of people think this A+ list female celebrity should be fired because she rarely speaks to anyone when she is not required to. It is not so much a standoffish attitude it is that her people have told her not to speak unless she has to because someone might record her when she goes on one of her rants and they are scared of the fallout. So, when she is around and the cameras are off, people around her talk and she sits there quietly and it freaks everyone out.

Crazy! Any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Kelly Rowland Gets The New Year’s Party Started

kelly rowland at rain nightclub

Kelly Rowland got the New Year’s celebrations off to an early start! Here’s the former ‘Destiny’s Child‘ member at Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas. Kelly performed there last night, and her outfit alone shows she was ready to get the party started. Things don’t get much more festive than leather and animal prints. It’s smart to get the performance out of the way before the big night (tonight).

That way, Kelly can just kick back and enjoy the celebrations! Her former ‘Destiny Child’ member, Beyonce, is performing tonight in Vegas as well. Then again, Beyonce reportedly is earning $4 million for her performance, so I guess working on NYE has its perks. She can relax and celebrate next weekend with that payday- LOL.


Photos by JPVegas/FAMEFLYNET

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Do Sushi & Church

vanessa hudgens & austin butler do sushi & lunch

Spring Breakers‘ star Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler enjoyed a low-key evening. They ate at a local sushi restaurant. Then the couple went to evening services at church in Hollywood. I wonder if they’ll attend New Year’s Eve services as well?

People forget- not everyone parties for New Year’s or even just stay at home. Plenty of people pray in the New Year at church. There are certainly worse ways to ring in 2013. And on a completely different note (but one I can’t resist), I’m loving Vanessa’s bag!