Chris Hemsworth & His Family Do Lunch With Liam

chris hemsworth & family go to lunch at kreation kafe

So Liam Hemsworth wasn’t heading out to Kreation Kafe for a solo lunch. He was meeting  up with his brother, ‘Thor‘ star Chris Hemsworth, his sister-in-law Elsa Pataky, and his niece India. Here are Chris, Elsa and India making their way to Kreation Kafe to see Liam. I bet Chris and Liam are enjoying this time catching up with each other.

And Liam gets to spend time with his baby niece! As a guy, I’m not sure how much fun that really is for him, but babies can be very entertaining. Chris is also probably a huge help to Liam in terms of navigating the pitfalls of rising stardom. Fame is the type of thing where there is no handbook, so the advice is likely invaluable.



Celebrity Birthdays For December 31… Cha, Cha, Cha!

celebrity birthdays for december 31

Happy Birthday to Sir Anthony Hopkins! He’s 75 today. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

  • Actor Anthony Hopkins is 75.
  • Actor Tim Considine is 72.
  • Actress Sarah Miles is 71.
  • Guitarist Andy Summers of The Police is 70.
  • Actor Ben Kingsley is 69.
  • Actor Tim Matheson is 65.
  • Singer Burton Cummings of The Guess Who is 65.
  • Bassist Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith is 61.
  • Actor James Remar is 59.
  • Actress Bebe Neuwirth is 54.
  • Singer Paul Westerberg is 53.
  • Actor Val Kilmer is 53.
  • Guitarist Ric Ivanisevich of Oleander is 50.
  • Guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax is 49.
  • Singer-actor Joe McIntyre of New Kids on the Block is 40.
  • Cellist Mikko Siren of Apocalyptica is 37.


Photos by FlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET


Hot Guy Of The Day – Liam Hemsworth

liam hemsworth goes to kreation kafe for lunch

Liam Hemsworth was spotted arriving for lunch at the Kreation Kafe in Santa Monica. There was no sign of his fiancee, Miley Cyrus. Liam’s looking very low-key in jeans, a cap, and sunglasses, isn’t he? He’s a famous actor who just wants to have a quiet lunch.

I’m guessing Liam’s profile is only going to grow in 2013. We’ll see more of him in ‘The Hunger Games’ sequel, ‘Catching Fire.’ Liam has a few other movies coming out next year, too. Then we’re going to see even more of him in the final two movies of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, ‘Mockingyay.’ The studio’s already decided to split the final book into two movies, just like with ‘Breaking Dawn’ of the ‘Twilight Saga.’ So enjoy your days of going out for a quiet lunch, Liam!


Photos by Sasha/VM/FAMEFLYNET

Olivia Palermo Spends Her Holiday In St. Barts

olivia palermo & johannes huebl in st barts

Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend, Johannes Huebl, followed the lead of many celebrities in terms of their vacation destination. Here are Olivia and Johannes in St. Barts. St. Barts is an amazing place; it’s no surprise celebs love to spend time there! They seem to be enjoying both the shopping and the beach.

Love Olivia’s bikini cover-up! At first I thought it was a dress. It’s a tad too sheer to be a dress, however. You can see her bikini underneath. But that’s what I’m always looking for: a cover-up you could also wear to a casual lunch if you just wanted to take a short break from sunbathing before going back out there. This would definitely work.


Photos by WENN

Heidi Klum Makes Her Kids’ Vacation Fun

heidi klum hangs out with her boyfriend and kids

Heidi Klum is making sure her kids have a fun holiday break! Seal reportedly joined them for Christmas Day, so they got to spend the holiday with both parents. Then we saw Heidi and Martin Kristen taking the kids out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory before visiting the Pretend City Children’s Museum.

Now here are Heidi, Martin, and the kids (and some extra helpers) going out for another fun day! First they went to Cecconi’s for lunch. Then they picked up a few things at the store before going to the Adventure Plex in Marina Del Rey. I bet the kids had a blast. It can also be just as much fun for the parents, both in terms of seeing your kids enjoy themselves as well as spending time with them.


Photos by Goodwin/Premiere/FAMEFLYNET

Rumer Willis & Jayson Blair Hit The Shops

rumer willis & jayson blair shopping

Rumer Willis and boyfriend Jayson Blair hit the shops, taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales. The couple were seen shopping at Will Leather Goods. And they left with plenty, judging from the sizable bag each one was carrying. Rumer reportedly is working on launching a singing career these days.

Maybe we’ll get an album from her in 2013. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Rumer in more movies. She has two movie star parents (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) as well as a wheeling-and-dealing stepfather with Ashton Kutcher. Perhaps she just decided acting wasn’t for her. That’s all part of the process of exploring things, right?


Photos by Revolutionpix/WENN

Lindsay Lohan Treats Herself In London

lindsay lohan returns to hotel after shopping at harrod's

Lindsay Lohan treated herself with some shopping at Harrod’s in London. She looks the happiest I’ve seen her in a while. Check Lindsay out in her gray fur jacket and little pink pocketbook! The leather pants and boots give her look an edge.

One thing I would say, however. I hope Lindsay doesn’t go before the judge and say she wants therapy but can’t afford it, as it was rumored she planned to. It’s rather difficult to make that case when you somehow can afford a trip abroad. Not only that, but you’re staying at a swank hotel (the Dorchester) and shopping. People without money can’t afford all that- LOL.


Photos by DGA/WENN