Guess Who Got Some New Ink To Celebrate The New Year?

justin bieber leg tattoo

Guess what young superstar added some new ink to celebrate the new year?  If you guessed Justin Bieber, you’re right!  The singer posted the attached pictures of his new leg tattoo to his instagram account yesterday captioned ‘newtat’.  The tattoo, that covers most of his calf, features hands in prayer mode at a base of roses.  That’s a big tattoo.  This is the latest addition to Justin’s growing list of tattoos.

I’m just going to say it, but I really hope that 2013 we see a lot fewer tattoos, especially on young stars! It’s one fad I really wish would go away, although I don’t see that happening! What do you think of Justin’s new leg tattoo?  Too much or does it suit him?

Photo from Justin Bieber Instagram





  1. belieber says

    in my opinion..i wish that justin stop putting tattoos on his body..because its getting too much..plss jb stop putting big tattoos on your body..