GQ Introduces Hollywood Newcomer Genesis Rodriguez

genesis rodriguez for gq

You may not have heard of Genesis Rodriguez, but as 2013 progresses, you certainly will. GQ introduces her to us in their current issue. Her mother is a Cuban model and her father is a Venezuelan singer known as El Puma. Genesis started off filming Spanish telenovelas but caught the eye of Will Ferrell when he was looking to film a spoof of the genre and needed someone familiar with the genre who was also bilingual. The Will Ferrell spoof was the start Genesis needed. She has two films coming out in 2013.

Genesis stars opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Last Stand.’ She’s also Jason Bateman’s love interest in the movie ‘Identity Thief.’ Genesis now lives in Hollywood, but she misses her hometown of Miami. So it’s no wonder she’s a big LeBron James fan. Genesis told GQ:

“I still get chills thinking about LeBron picking us. The superteam, just perfection for us. I go over each game with my uncle every single day they play.” But she laments the fact that she hasn’t met a single current player on the team: “No one since Shaq! I’d give anything just to take a picture with those gigantic guys.”

Something tells me Genesis may soon have the clout to do just that! You can learn more about Genesis in the January issue of GQ, which is on newsstands now.

Photo by Benny Horne / GQ