Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Ready To Go Public

Rihanna & Chris Brown Cool Off With A Slurpee

Well I guess Rihanna and Chris Brown are ready to take their relationship public and let everyone know that they’re definitely back on!  The couple have been tweeting pictures of each other for a few weeks now and hinting that they’re back together, but Chris’s former girlfriend Karrueche Tran was always still in the picture. Either Chris has finally broken things off for good with Karrueche or Rihanna is making sure that everyone knows that she’s with Chris now.

The couple were photographed getting  a Slurpee in LA this afternoon and Riri even stopped to pose for a few pictures with a fan who was passing by.  Is anyone else surprised by this and think it’s basically the worst idea ever, or just me?  Chris has shown so little remorse since he attacked Rihanna I can’t help but think he’s basically slime.  Just me? What do you think?






  1. Florence says

    What really annoys me is blogs and people like you that go on and say that Chris has showed no remorse for something that happened 4 years ago.

    Are you aware of with work with victims of domestic violence? Are you aware of his charity Symphonic Love? I guess not. You will never ever print anything positive that Chris has done. Only things like him defending himself on twitter from the constant bullying.

    All you blogs just go on and preach like you are God. Where was your outrage when Charlie Sheen was beating up all his wives? All you hypocrites out there. When you print the same crap that you print about Charlie as you do Chris, then you all can talk. HYPOCRITES ALL OF YOU ALL. I WONDER WHY.

  2. Kate says

    I agree with the above comment. Regardless of what whoever thinks, this is between the two of them on it’s not our place to voice opinions on this. Where is our faith in rehabilitation programs? Why have them if we keep judging people who complete them? None of us know him or her personally so saying stuff like this is close to ridiculous. I love this websitebut the constant reminder of an incident from 4 years ago just seems silly. The whole point of his court order was aimed at home not doing it again. It is comments like this that might make it almost impossible for him.

  3. says

    I can see Rihanna is glooing all over with love and true happness and Chris Brown look very much happy and at peace. I pray the Heavenly Father of Creation and the Lord Jesus Christ would bless them and propers them above every other stars or celebs and gave them throught his divine Holy Spirit extra grace and strenght and self control to handle in things with wisdom and grace throught the Lord strength and may the peace of God the Creator grace and mercies grant Chris Brown and rihanna both a sound minds and understanding and strenght and power within themselves to do what right and good always. Love them both The Lord Jesus continue to make them both properous and bountyful in finances and talents.