Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy May Have Split But Moving On Isn’t Easy

bethenny frankel & jason hoppy struggle to deal with split

Bethenny Frankel announced she and husband Jason Hoppy were splitting after nearly three years of marriage right before Christmas. Some early reports indicated Bethenny and Jason may have taken time off to see if they could make their marriage work, but a source tells People a reconciliation “is out of the question.” So what went wrong? A “friend” spills the beans.

“There was no one turning point that caused this… they tried to make it work. It just got too hard to be husband and wife.

“With Bethenny, it was her way or the highway. If you are a person who surrounds yourself with people telling you, ‘You are right; we will bend over backwards to make things happen for you,’ you will have a tough time in marriage. Marriage doesn’t work that way.”

That’s the truth! Although they’ve decided to split, Bethenny and Jason both are said to be having a hard time. Jason was spotted out still wearing his wedding band this past weekend. As for Bethenny:

“Bethenny is devastated. The split has been tough. You go into a marriage thinking it’s going to be forever. When you realize it’s not, it’s really hard – especially when a child is involved.”

I’ll “out” myself right now: I haven’t seen any episodes of ‘Bethenny Ever After.’ If you did, and saw these two struggling, then did you see this outcome?


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  1. Kim says

    Loved Bethenny and Jason together, but I could see this coming, during her last season he had become resentful and would start a fight for everything and anything. I am sure they will do what is best for Bryn and with a little bit of time Jason will move to another apartment.