How Much Does Kanye West Love Kim Kardashian?

kanye west agrees to appear on kardashian reality tv shows

Kanye West, who looks like he doesn’t want to be bothered any time, really must love his girlfriend, and the future mother of his child, reality TV phenom Kim Kardashian. Why do I say this? Because Kanye’s agreed to continue filming reality TV for her sake. Since announcing Kim’s pregnancy, Kanye has agreed to stay involved with the Kardashian shows.

 Kanye will do anything for Kim. He didn’t want to be on at all – or one episode. But he gave in for Kim.”

It’s LOVE, everybody! Things are just going Kanye’s way these days. When police caught up with him speeding away from the Chateau Marmont up Sunset Blvd. They also reportedly asked him about his tinted windows, but ultimately, Kanye got off with a warning. Luck is shining on him these days!