Is It A Crime To Love Madonna?

madonna stalker gets 3 years probation

I guess the answer to the question in the post is that you have to differentiate between love and obsession (i.e., stalking). Dealing with stalkers has got to be one of the WORST aspects of being a celebrity. Madonna, who’s been famous for decades, surely knows this well. A man who’s been accused of stalking Madonna, and was arrested outside her apartment, has just received three years probation. I’m not sure why it bothers me even more that he’s a retired firefighter, but for some reason, it does.

Robert Linhart received three years’ probation after he was caught outside of Madonna’s apartment. He had spray painted love notes to Madonna nearby a couple of days before his arrest. Robert was arrested just for being outside because he was arrested twice before in 2010. Despite the love notes and violating the orders to stay away from the star, Robert said he no longer has feelings for Madonna.

 “She’s enjoying her life with her 24-year-old boyfriend. I don’t feel the same about her. The woman advocates free speech in Russia and then she has her security violate my right to free speech.”

Robert’s attorney said he plans to appeal the sentence, arguing it’s not a crime to love Madonna.

“Mr Linhart served with the New York City Fire Department for 20 years. He put his life on the line for the citizens of New York.”

Oy vey.


Photos by WENN