Kim Kardashian Sure Knows How To Monetize EVERYTHING: Set To Make $16 Million Off Pregnancy

kim kardashian set to make $16 million in deals for pregnancy

One of the reasons Kim Kardashian supposedly wanted a baby with Kanye West was to help “cement her and Kanye’s brand,” so it makes sense that she’s looking to make some serious coin off of her pregnancy! Kim reportedly is already in talks to start sponsoring baby products and have camera crews accompany her to her doctor’s appointments, etc.

“Kim is in talks with TV execs about filming the run-up to the birth – scans, hospital visits, everything. She could make $16 million from the pregnancy alone. She’s already been bombarded with tons of potential deals to endorse parental products.”

$16 MILLION: goodness! On one hand, this makes me feel really weird. Yet this is what Kim does: as a reality TV personality, she profits off of her life. A “source” claims what encouraged Kim and Kanye to have a baby was spending time around Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby daughter, Blue Ivy.

“It was actually Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, who made them both broody. And despite reports Beyonce and Kim do not get on, she was one of the first to congratulate Kim and Kanye and is going to be invited to the mother of all baby showers in New York.”

Somehow, I believe the “cementing their brand” story more, I have to admit. Kim and Kanye will NEVER be Beyonce and Jay-Z. But it doesn’t mean the media isnt going to explode (like it’s currently doing) and Kim’s not going to make a pretty penny off this pregnancy. At least the baby will be secure financially!






  1. Marie says

    I think Kim is ridiculous and I am not sure why everyone is so caught up over the fact she is pregnant. The thought of selling your personal life like that is so sad. Can’t believe she is with Kayne in the first place. I am not a fan of Kayne because he has never come across as a sincere or caring person. Rude and big headed is the first thing that comes to mind when his name in mentioned. I just feel like she should have taken her time and found a better person for herself.