Joe Simpson Joins Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson In Hawaii

I guess Tina and Ashlee Simpson left just in time!  Looks like it’s Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson’s turn to visit with his daughter and her fiance Eric Johnson on the beautiful island of Oahu.  Joe was seen out for a bike ride today with Eric as the two toured around the island.

There has been lots of rumours of issues between Jessica and her father since her parents filed for divorce and there was talk of Joe being gay as  the reason for the split, but I can’t see Jessica inviting her dad on vacation in Oahu if there were any hard feelings.  Also, with Jessica expecting her second child I’m sure she’s anxious to make sure there are no issues between her and her dad.



Miley Cyrus Brings Her New Love To The Studio

Miley Cyrus Takes Her New Puppy To The Studio

Move over Liam Hemsworth, I think Miley Cyrus’s heart has been stolen by another!  Her new dog Bean, that is!  If you follow Miley on twitter you by now know that the singer has adopted a new rescue dog that she named Bean, and you’ll also know that she’s a bit obsessed with her new pet as she’s been on a bit of a picture posting bender lately too.

It seems that Miley loves her new little pooch so much she brought Bean with her to the recording studio today too!  Miley was spotted arriving at the Burbank sound studio this afternoon wearing a cozy black sweatshirt, black jeans, horn rim sunglasses and of course with Bean in tow.  I really loved Miley’s hair when she first got it cut but I’m not quite loving this new super short look on her.  Good for her for doing something different though!



Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Are Happy To See Each Other

Orlando Bloom Picks Miranda Kerr Up From The Spa

Breakup rumours, what breakup rumours?! It certainly doesn’t look like there’s any trouble in paradise for actor Orlando Bloom and his Victoria’s Secret Angel wife Miranda Kerr.  Orlando picked up Miranda at a spa in LA this afternoon and clearly they were both happy to see each other.

The couple shared an intimate kiss before Orlando rushed Miranda into the car to shield her from all the paparazzi cameras. These two don’t normally engage in much PDA so maybe they’re making a point of letting us know that despite all the rumours they’re still together. They do make a very attractive couple!



Hot Guy Of The Day – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Arrives In Style

Honestly, these Jonas boys certainly grew up nicely, didn’t they! My personal favourite of all Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, was looking pretty darn good today as he was spotted arriving at his office in Hollywood this afternoon.

Nick, dressed casually wearing a plaid shirt and jeans was seen parking his classic Mustang at the office building before heading inside for a meeting.  It’s too bad that Nick’s solo career didn’t really take off but I am looking forward to hearing new music from The Jonas Brothers in 2013!



Men Of ‘Django Unchained’ Strike Poses For The Camera

django unchained rome photocall

Django Unchained‘ is opening across Europe. Quentin Tarantino looks like he belongs in front of the camera, the way he’s posing at the photocall in Rome. You can tell he’s a director; he knows how to make the shot interesting – LOL. Quentin, the star of the movie, Jamie Foxx, and Franco Nero  had fun posing together. Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, who were both amazing in the movie,  were also at the photocall.

Have you had a chance to see the movie ‘Django Unchained’? I finally got to see it last weekend. I was a little worried because Tarantino movies can be SO gory, but it didn’t overwhelm me. It was brutal, of course, but there was plenty of humor as well. Best of all: there was redemption and a (mostly) happy ending. I’d definitely recommend it! If you’ve seen it, did you like it?



Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Working Girl Again For ‘The Client List’

jennifer love hewitt on set of the client list

The holiday vacation is OVER for Jennifer Love Hewitt! Here she is back on the set of her Lifetime TV show, ‘The Client List.’ Hey, a girl’s gotta earn a living, right? That’s the problem with having Christmas and New Year’s fall early in the week. It’s hard to justify a full two weeks off. Jennifer looks happy to be back on set, however.

I wonder how Christmas with her boyfriend’s family in DC went? It couldn’t have been easy for Jennifer. This was her first Christmas since her mother’s death. The first holidays without a loved one are always hard. I can’t imagine having to deal with that AND be with a new boyfriend’s family at the same time. Well, Jennifer didn’t get time to dwell on her loss in that situation, that’s for sure.



Julianne Hough & Ryan Seacrest Have A Blast At The Beach

ryan seacrest & julianne hough in st barts

So Ryan Seacrest did join girlfriend Julianne Hough for some fun in the sun in St. Barts! He needed to warm up after hosting ‘Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve‘ in a chilly NYC. I’m sure he’ll get plenty warm on the beach at St. Barts. Ryan and Julianne look like they’re having fun swimming in the water, don’t they?

These two are having a great holiday break. They went to Mexico right after Christmas. Now here they are in St. Barts. I’d be perfectly okay with that change in scenery- LOL. Are you looking forward to a new season of ‘American Idol’ and seeing Julianne and Josh Duhamel in ‘Safe Haven’?