Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Working Girl Again For ‘The Client List’

jennifer love hewitt on set of the client list

The holiday vacation is OVER for Jennifer Love Hewitt! Here she is back on the set of her Lifetime TV show, ‘The Client List.’ Hey, a girl’s gotta earn a living, right? That’s the problem with having Christmas and New Year’s fall early in the week. It’s hard to justify a full two weeks off. Jennifer looks happy to be back on set, however.

I wonder how Christmas with her boyfriend’s family in DC went? It couldn’t have been easy for Jennifer. This was her first Christmas since her mother’s death. The first holidays without a loved one are always hard. I can’t imagine having to deal with that AND be with a new boyfriend’s family at the same time. Well, Jennifer didn’t get time to dwell on her loss in that situation, that’s for sure.