Joe Simpson Joins Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson In Hawaii

I guess Tina and Ashlee Simpson left just in time!  Looks like it’s Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson’s turn to visit with his daughter and her fiance Eric Johnson on the beautiful island of Oahu.  Joe was seen out for a bike ride today with Eric as the two toured around the island.

There has been lots of rumours of issues between Jessica and her father since her parents filed for divorce and there was talk of Joe being gay as  the reason for the split, but I can’t see Jessica inviting her dad on vacation in Oahu if there were any hard feelings.  Also, with Jessica expecting her second child I’m sure she’s anxious to make sure there are no issues between her and her dad.






  1. boo says

    eric needs a makeover! lose the flip flops, flannel and hat. shave. stop eating junk food with jessica.