Love It Or Hate It: ‘Django Unchained’ Star Kerry Washington

kerry washington at django unchained rome photocall

I’ve been seeing Kerry Washington everywhere lately! I I finally caved in to (significant) peer pressure to watch the pilot of ‘Scandal’ on Netflix. I ended up watching the entire first season (7 episodes) that day! THEN I saw Kerry in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie, ‘Django Unchained.’ Kerry plays Broomhilda, the slave who’s married to Jamie Foxx’s character.

Here’s Kerry working the red carpet at a photocall for ‘Django Unchained’ in Rome. Looks like she decided to experiment with her red carpet look. What do you think of Kerry’s dress here? While I’m now a HUGE fan of Kerry, I’m not sold on this dress. The yellow ruffle just looks out of place, although I think it was placed there to add a pop to the dress. Kerry always looks amazing, and this is no exception, but if I were her stylist, it’s not what I would have chosen for her. What do you think?