Miley Cyrus Brings Her New Love To The Studio

Miley Cyrus Takes Her New Puppy To The Studio

Move over Liam Hemsworth, I think Miley Cyrus’s heart has been stolen by another!  Her new dog Bean, that is!  If you follow Miley on twitter you by now know that the singer has adopted a new rescue dog that she named Bean, and you’ll also know that she’s a bit obsessed with her new pet as she’s been on a bit of a picture posting bender lately too.

It seems that Miley loves her new little pooch so much she brought Bean with her to the recording studio today too!  Miley was spotted arriving at the Burbank sound studio this afternoon wearing a cozy black sweatshirt, black jeans, horn rim sunglasses and of course with Bean in tow.  I really loved Miley’s hair when she first got it cut but I’m not quite loving this new super short look on her.  Good for her for doing something different though!