So Long, Beckhams! They’re Back In London To Stay

david & victoria beckham move back to london

Posh and Becks live stateside no more. This isn’t exactly shocking, since David Beckham decided to leave the LA Galaxy. That was the reason David and Victoria Beckham moved to California in the first place. There was talk that David and Victoria might move from LA to New York, but now Radar Online reports the family is back in their native London to stay. A source said:

“On the last day before school broke for Christmas vacation, the headmaster of the school announced at an assembly for the entire student body that the Beckhams were moving back to London. Both Victoria and David were at the flag ceremony assembly, and were very touched at the outpouring of love from the school.”

Yeah, that sounds pretty definite. I’m not sure David and Victoria ever became quite as popular here as they are in London, but they certainly have their fans! Will you miss them?