Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Take Cover at LAX

It looks like someone here didn’t want to get their pictures taken! And that’s something you don’t see very often, considering that we are talking about Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian here. I mean, I’m sure we’ve all heard by now the rumor that Leann calls the paparazzi to set up photo-ops whenever she’s with her hubs and his kids in and around Hollywood. The two were spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles, Calif. looking like they weren’t camera ready this time around.

I have to say though that I really do like Leann’s fedora and sandals in these pics, though. They both look super cute and it looks like she does have pretty great travel style. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    This “not camera ready” incident at the airport is also a STAGED photo-op. Check out who took the photos. The same pap agency Leann is being accused of having a deal with(AKM-GSI), the same agency who was with them the entire week in Cabo taking the photos of them on the beach and boat. So how did AKM-GSI know that Leann was at the airport? The same way they knew that Leann was on the boat. Leann told them. Eddie isn’t taking cover, in fact look at how he is acting like there isn’t even anyone there. Why? Because he knows the paps. The only one covering their face and acting over the top is Leann, which means she must have had some surgery done to her fact that she doesn’t want anyone to see or she thinks that if she plays the victim she will convince people that she isn’t setting up these staged photo-ops. You forgot to mention that Lizzy was at the airport with Leann and Eddie too. Leann’s fatal mistake was that she hired the pap agency who she is accused of having a deal wtih to take these photos of them at the airport. And as usual the media falls for it. Why are they so naive when it comes to Leann? Look at Eddie and then look at Leann. It’s an act! The media has been duped again. How come they don’t act like this when they are going through that same airport with the kids? How come you don’t see Eddie yelling at the paps when they are crowding around his kids or getting to close to them? So once again the airport photo-op that she set up yesterday was all an ACT!

  2. firefly says

    I am THRILLED to read ANYthing that does not SLAM and HATE on leann. I am SO sick of other blogs talking about how ugly she is ( NOT) and saying all kinds of despicable things about this woman…

  3. sam says

    @firefly(aka HOLLY) Yet you are not sick of the despicable things you say about Brandi on twitter and various other places. Of course you are THRILLED that some sites play into Leann’s agenda and don’t question the ridiculousness of her pr stunts. She tips off the paps and which pap agency shows up at the airport? AKM-GSI. I also notice that 2 other media outlets are being given the credit for taking these photos, which is odd because on the site that posted these airport photos first, the ONLY media outlet given credit for these photos by the site who posted them first is AKM-GSI not FameFlynet or PacificCoast. So now we learn something new, Leann and AKM-GSI are selling Leann’s photos to other pap agencies to get a profit! Leann is the biggest scammer in HW, how the media always falls for her pr stunts is baffling. Leann is a person full of hate, so it’s obvious why she gets slammed all the time.

  4. sam says

    Leann demonstrates just how easy it is to manipulate the press. The media bought into her victim act at the airport and what does Leann do? She sets up a staged photo-op yesterday with the very same pap agency(AKM-GSI) who took these photos of her at the airport. Even though she told her fans that she was deathly ill, she still sets up a staged photo-op alerting her friends at The Dailymail that she was out having sushi. The pda she put on for AKM-GSI while in Cabo was all an act too. Eddie made out with Leann in Cabo and in return she had to take his mistress and his friend out for sushi and a limo ride.