Hot Guy Of The Day – Zac Efron

zac efron walking about nyc

Zac Efron was spotted out and about in New York City, giving the city an extra dose of hotness. Right now Zac’s working on a movie called ‘Are We Officially Dating.’ It’s about three bachelors who are determined to have as much fun as possible before settling down. I don’t know about this one. It’s kind of like ‘The Hangover,’ I guess: the movie could be funny or very predictable and lame. I’m keeping an eye out for the trailer.

Zac seems to try to pick high quality roles rather than doing just “popcorn” kind of stuff. That’s one of the reasons I’m willing to give this movie a chance. Yet the popcorn stuff can be blockbuster movies. If you want to keep working as a movie star, then you have to do some of them!


Photos by David Bodrick/DMBJ/WENN