Ryan Gosling’s Date For ‘The Gangster Squad’ Premiere? Dear Old Mom

ryan gosling brought mom to gangster squad premiere

What do you do when you’re a rising star in Hollywood dating another star, you want to keep your relationship private, and you have a major movie premiere? If you’re Ryan Gosling, you find the least controversial date you can: your Mom! Ryan brought his mother to the premiere of his new movie, ‘The Gangster Squad.’  And judging from what Ryan and his mother said, it sounds like girlfriend Eva Mendes had no problem with it. She even served as Ryan’s mother’s stylist! Ryan told E! news:

“My mother’s wearing all my girlfriend’s clothes.”

“I’m wearing Eva Mendes,” Donna confirmed, adding, “She let me raid her closet.”

That’s sweet! Kudos to Donna for being able to actually fit something a Hollywood actress wears! I wonder what Eva and Ryan will do when the movie ‘Place Beyond the Pines‘ comes out? They both star in that movie: it’s how they met!


Photos by Adriana M. Barraza/Ai-Wire/WENN