Salma Hayek & Valentina Are Ready To Take LA!

salma hayek & daughter arrive at lax

Salma Hayek arrived at LAX with her daughter, Valentina. Okay, is it just me, or does it seem like Valentina just sprouted up all of a sudden? Where did this big girl come from? Goodness! Salma has got her daughter dressed to impress with her scarf and boots. I love how Salma dresses Valentina with style but keeps it age appropriate. So many of the outfits for little girls these days are more appropriate for adults!

Salma testified in Halle Berry’s custody trial about how the paparazzi were less intrusive in France due to more restrictive privacy laws, especially regarding minors. It didn’t help Halle’s case, but I guess it’s the reason we don’t see more of Valentina. Salma keeps her in France more, maybe? I’m surprised they’re arriving in LA now. Most kids are returning to school after the holiday break. Who knows? I do know this is one fashionable mother-daughter duo.


Photos by BJJ/Crown/FAMEFLYNET

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