Hilary Duff Gets Photobombed

hilary duff photobombed

Have you ever heard of the term “photobombed”? It means someone the paparazzo isn’t trying to photograph steps into the frame. That’s what happened to Hilary Duff here. A passerby didn’t just step into the frame while Hilary was waiting for the light to change: he put his arm around her, smiled and waved at the paparazzo. Love it! Hilary got a laugh out of it, too.

Hilary was spotted after treating herself to a mani-pedi. You can see where she wore a pair of flip-flops out of the salon and carried her boots. This is what’s so convenient about warm Cali weather. There’s NO way most of the country can walk outside right now wearing flip-flips! I, for one, make use of the heating lamps and clear polish for my toes in the winter.


Photos by WENN