Hot Guys Of The Day – Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig & John Krasinski

national board of review awards gala 2013

There was no shortage of good looking guys out on the town last night! They seemed to congregate at the National Board of Review Awards Gala. Rather than choose just one, I decided to just select them all. So here’s Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, and John Krasinski, all looking HAWT on the red carpet.

Ben is busy doing his award campaigning in New York City while Jennifer Garner takes care of things on the home front. By now their kids must be used to having a parent gone much of the time! Bradley is crossing the country for his award campaigning right alongside Ben. They were both at the Palm Spring International Film Festival Awards just last weekend. They must have some serious frequent flyer miles if they aren’t using private jets.


Photos by Ivan Nikolov/WENN