Matthew McConaughey Is Not On Diaper Duty

matthew mcconaughey doesn't change diapers

Well, you have to give Matthew McConaughey credit for being honest! I suspect a lot more celebrities are like him than not, but they’ll cut out their tongues before they admit it- LOL. Matthew just welcomed a new son, baby Livingston. But there’s one new parenting task he  isn’t doing. The ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ star is NOT changing diapers. It came up when a reporter asked Matthew if he was running home to change diapers.

“I was there this morning, so I guess I am running home. But I’m not changing the diapers.”

So who is changing little Livingston’s diapers?

“Somebody,” he said.

So I’m guessing Camila Alves has help while she recuperates from childbirth. Well, every new mother needs help, so no one should hate on her for that! And there are two other little ones running around the house. I actually know more than a few guys (who aren’t celebrities) who rarely, if ever, do things like change diapers. I’m not sure how their wives stay married to them, but they do. Do you know a lot of guys who aren’t as “hands on” with their babies?







  1. Yolette says

    I have twins and their father changed just as many diapers (if not more). I guess I should give him more credit – I just thought all dads helped out.