Matthew McConaughey Is Not On Diaper Duty

matthew mcconaughey doesn't change diapers

Well, you have to give Matthew McConaughey credit for being honest! I suspect a lot more celebrities are like him than not, but they’ll cut out their tongues before they admit it- LOL. Matthew just welcomed a new son, baby Livingston. But there’s one new parenting task he  isn’t doing. The ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ star is NOT changing diapers. It came up when a reporter asked Matthew if he was running home to change diapers.

“I was there this morning, so I guess I am running home. But I’m not changing the diapers.”

So who is changing little Livingston’s diapers?

“Somebody,” he said.

So I’m guessing Camila Alves has help while she recuperates from childbirth. Well, every new mother needs help, so no one should hate on her for that! And there are two other little ones running around the house. I actually know more than a few guys (who aren’t celebrities) who rarely, if ever, do things like change diapers. I’m not sure how their wives stay married to them, but they do. Do you know a lot of guys who aren’t as “hands on” with their babies?




Should The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie Be NC-17 Or Not?

fifty shades movie to be nc-17

By now, if you haven’t read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ then you’ve at least HEARD about it. It’s an erotic romance that started out as ‘Twilight’ fan fiction and became a publishing sensation in its own right. We all know they’re working on a movie adaptation. E.L. James has been completely mum over it. The screenwriter hired to adapt the book, Kelly Marcel, is opening up a little as she gets to work. Here’s what Kelly said:

“It will be rated NC-17. It will be raunchy.”

I have to admit, this surprises me. NC-17 movies can’t even be played in a lot of major theater chains. Yet, if you want to remain faithful to the book, it would likely be NC-17. The studio is surely thinking about this, too. When asked, it released this statement:

“A screenplay has not yet been written, a rating has not been designated and we have no further comment.”

So I ask you, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fans: do YOU think the movie should be NC-17 or should the filmmakers tone it down for the big screen?

Photo by Daniel Deme/WENN

Jessica Chastain Has Her Hands Full In ‘Mama’ (Video)

jessica chastain in mama

Zero Dark Thirty‘ star Jessica Chastain has another new movie coming out called ‘Mama.’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from ‘Game of Thrones’ is her co-star, and it’s directed by Guillermo del Toro. The story is about a couple who takes in two girls who spent five years in the wilderness after their parents were killed, being raised by animals, apparently. ‘Mama’ is a horror story. The girls seem to bring “something” back with them.

I’m sure it’s scary, and Jessica is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses, but I don’t know. The idea of these poor kids spending five years in the woods just… bothers me. It might bother me too much to enjoy the movie (and I’m something of a wuss anyway). What do you think: does ‘Mama’ look good to you?

Bravo Wants Their $250K Of Furniture BACK From Lindsay Lohan!

bravo wants $250k in furniture back from lindsay lohan

Remember when I told you about how Bravo was upset with Lindsay Lohan over ‘Million Dollar Decorator‘? They spent $250K on new furniture to redecorate Lindsay’s Beverly Hills pad only for Lindsay to blow them off before shooting the big reveal for the episode. They ended up using footage they had filmed of the completed job without Lindsay. Now, Bravo (and interior designer Kathryn Ireland) wants their furniture back.

“Bravo, producers of Million Dollar Decorator and interior designers were so furious with Lindsay for bailing on the big reveal of her former Beverly Hills rental house, they attempted to repossess the furniture and flooring that was gifted to her. Ireland in particular was absolutely steamed and pissed off at Lindsay with her antics as she devoted a lot of time to the project.

“Lindsay didn’t appreciate anything that was done for her. She was given $250k in furniture. Bravo attempted to get the furniture back, but Lindsay was one step ahead of them and had everything from the house sent to an unknown storage location. Lindsay was quite pleased with herself and bragged to friends that she can get whatever she wants because she is a celebrity.”

Can you IMAGINE? I wonder if Bravo has a legal right to repossess the furniture. It sounds like they actually don’t. Lindsay should return the furniture, but it sounds like she had this planned all along (IF this story is true).



Bethenny Frankel Feels Like A Failure Over Divorce

bethenny frankel feels like failure after divorce

A very emotional Bethenny Frankel visited Ellen Degeneres on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Bethenny opened up about her divorce from Jason Hoppy.

“I can’t just only be on reality TV and show everything when it’s fairy princess, fairytale, and then not take my hits when I have to. Just going through something personal you have so many different emotions, and I feel like a bit of a disappointment to all of you. And, I feel like a failure.

“I feel like a failure. I really put it out there. I wanted the fairytale. I thought I had it. And [daughter] Bryn is my fairytale … Love is everywhere. It’s the road and you’re on it. It has peaks and valleys, and that’s what it is, but I don’t know how people go through this because this is excruciating.”

Bethenny explained the quick move from separation to divorce, saying she wanted to “rip the Band-Aid off” so she could begin to “heal.”

“You know everything and one day you don’t know. So I’m scared. I’m older. And I want to be able to say to people … It’s about what I do now … I never thought I’d be a role model but I think to some people I am or have been. This is an important time because it’s about what I do next. How I handle myself now with grace, with dignity. Now is the time that matters.”

I’m still reeling from all Bethenny asked for in her divorce filing, despite being a multimillionaire in her own right. But we never know everything that’s going on. I wonder how she’s going to explain it? Bethenny could have great reasons for asking for all that she did.




Selena Gomez Is DONE With Justin Bieber!

selena gomez & justin bieber split for good

After several months of being on-again and off-again Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are OFF. As in, permanently. Selena and Justin went to Puerta Vallarta to ring in the new year together. That’s when they had their final blowout. A source told Us Weekly:

“They had another huge fight, and Selena won’t forgive him.”

Selena spent New Year’s Eve with pals while Justin hung out with rapper Lil Twist (the person who was driving the car when the paparazzo was killed trying to photograph what he thought was Justin smoking a blunt). A friend said that although Justin spent NYE with Lil Twist at LA club Couture and flirted with girls, his heart wasn’t in it.

“He’s been really down about the breakup.”

A friend of Selena’s said she’s “done with him” because of his bad influence. Between Selena and Justin and Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, this past NYE was not good for young couples!




Jennifer Aniston Visits Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

jennifer aniston on jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel pulled out the big guns as his show made the move to 11:35 pm! He  got his Cabo buddy Jennifer Aniston to stop by and visit. It looks like they had fun. Jennifer’s known for her haircuts, but I don’t know if I’d let her cut my hair. They had a good interview, though, don’t you think? Judging from the pictures, No Doubt provided some great entertainment, too.

Do you think you’ll watch Jimmy now that he comes on at 11:35 pm? I think he’s funny; my problem is that I’m falling asleep at that time- LOL.

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