Beyonce Reunites With Destiny’s Child!

beyonce & destiny child new album love songs

This is a BIG day for music news! Not only is JT (a.k.a. Justin Timberlake) releasing a new album in 2013. So is Destiny’s Child, the  group Beyonce rose to fame with in the 90s. Beyonce made the announcement in her GQ interview. The internet is burning up with pics of her GQ cover, but I’m more excited about the new album, called ‘Love Songs.’ A preorder link is already up at amazon. YES! Of her fame, Beyonce said:

“I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand.”

Fame is quite something, isn’t it? Especially when you get to Beyonce’s level. Are you excited? I can’t WAIT!


Photos by WENN