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Academy Award nominees Bill Murray and Laura Linney star in a historical tale that uniquely explores the all-too-human side of one of history’s iconic leaders. Blending literate wit and drama, Hyde Park on Hudson is directed by Roger Michell from a screenplay by Richard Nelson.

In June 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (played by Mr. Murray) readies to host the King and Queen of England (Samuel West and Olivia Colman) for a weekend at the Roosevelt home at Hyde Park on Hudson, in upstate New York – marking the first-ever visit of a reigning British monarch to America. As Britain faces imminent war with Germany, the royals are desperately looking to FDR for U.S. support.

But international affairs must be juggled with the complexities of FDR’s domestic establishment, as his wife Eleanor (Olivia Williams), mother Sara (Elizabeth Wilson), and secretary Missy (Elizabeth Marvel) will all play a part in making the royal weekend an unforgettable one.

Seen through the eyes of Daisy (Ms. Linney), Franklin’s neighbor and intimate, the weekend will produce not only a special relationship between two great nations, but, for Daisy – and through her, for us all – a deeper understanding of the mysteries of love and friendship.

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  1. Patricia C says

    I’m excited to see the movie. I love Bill Murray and can’t wait to see him in a drama

  2. Michelle C says

    Yes, this looks like a movie that my husband and I could enjoy together. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  3. Wild Orchid says

    I am very excited to see it! I think it will be a good movie.
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  4. Ashley Hatten says

    Can’t wait to see it I like Billy Murray as an actor so this will be great to see him play this role

  5. Kathy S says

    I am beyond excited to see this film. Hyde Park is across the river from where I live, and several members of my husband’s family came from Sweden to work on the staff for the Roosevelt family. Bill Murray looks great in the role!

  6. Barbara Montag says

    Yes I am excited about seeing movie.
    I love older setting movies and the cast.
    Thank you.

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  7. Susan Audrey Obryant says

    Yeah! I love Bill Murray anyway, and I think he was the perfect casting choice for this film.

  8. Katy M says

    I’m so into the Roosevelts and can’t wait to see this movie! Plus, I’m all over the fashion from this time period and they look like they nailed it!


  9. kymi a says

    Looking forward to seeing the movie. Thank you for an awesome giveaway.
    kayiam @ hotmail.com

  10. kymi a says

    Looking forward to seeing the movie. Thank you for an awesome giveaway.
    kayiam808 @ hotmail.com
    (final answer, sry had some issues lol)

  11. jules p says

    I would like to see this movie. and I am not one who really likes to go to movies. but this one seems like a good one to see.

  12. Denise says

    I’ve never heard of this before. I think we’d like it, my husband and I are both history fans. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Sml Footprints says

    Yes, I am excited to see the movie … it’ll be interesting to see Bill Murray in this role!
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  14. heather says

    Bill Murray is one of my favorites he will be great in this movie. I can’t wait to see it.

  15. rebeka deleon says

    don’t really care if i see it or not. i will probably watch it if i have no other movies i don’t want to see.

  16. alyce poalillo says

    It looks very intersting and a different perspective on history that I want to se if I get the chance

  17. Margaret Smith says

    I’m really looking forward to this movie. It looks really good.
    Thanks so much.

  18. Tammy Shelton says

    Yes, I’m excited and looking forward to seein this mie
    tammyshelon hotmail dot com

  19. Ann Fantom says

    I’m excited to see Hyde Park on the Hudson because I live about 15 miles from Hyde Park and have been to the Roosevelt Presidential library many times.

  20. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    I saw a clip when Bill Murray was on Letterman and he was unbelievable as FDR.

  21. Lorena Keech says

    I love history and the time period, but reviews have been less than positive..so I’m not sure if I will see it.

  22. Victoria CK says

    Excited?? Not sure, but it looks to be very well done. And Bill Murray could not look more like the images we have (pics & film) of Franklin D Roosevelt. That is truly amazing.

  23. Stephanie says

    The movie looks really interesting, plus Upstate New York is beautiful. I’m definitely excited to see it.
    Steph 0828 at hotmail dot com

  24. Adrianne B says

    I am very excited about this film- love Bill Murray, love the subject matter, love the time period. Looks hilarious!

  25. april yedinak says

    I am very interested in seeing this movie. I have always been fascinated by the Roosevelt’s and this period in history.

  26. Desmond says

    Yes, I’d really like to see it, but it won’t come to my theater, I’m sure.

    dwarzel at hotmail.com

  27. Tabathia B says

    Yes I would like to see it but will probably wait until it’s released on dvd

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  28. Suzanna says

    I live in the Hudson valley so it’s exciting seeing my area in such a great looking movie!

  29. Joni Mason says

    Yes, I am excited to see this movie. I am a history buff and am looking forward to see how Bill Murray portrays FDR.
    Thank you SO much for this giveaway!!!

  30. Jacob says

    This looks great – Bill Murray has really come a long ways as a dramatic actor. Also, I really love biographies so this automatically draws my interest

  31. Kay C says

    I don’t think I’ve seen any previews until I read that. This sounds great and i would see it. strawberryjam40 at yahoo dot com.

  32. Amber Porter says

    Yes I’m excited now I had never heard about this movie but it looks great!
    Amber Porter
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  33. Geoff K says

    I actually saw this film as part of a festival last fall, and it was terrific, but I’m excited to watch it again just to see Bill Murray’s amazing performance!

  34. Krystal M says

    This is the first I’ve heard of it! It has an interesting premise, but is not the type of movie I would usually go to see in the theaters. Maybe later on, though!

  35. Cheryl Grandy says

    I’m looking forward to seeing this movie with my husband. cgrandy823 (at) hotmail (dot)com

  36. Susan Johnson says

    If this is mostly historically accurate, it will be a great movie to watch about a time in history that I would like to know more about.

  37. Leslie Galloway says

    I love Bill Murray, and would love to see this movie!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  38. Emilie Metzinger says

    I have suddenly been hearing a lot about the movie and looks great! Just saw it nominated for a golden globe as well.

  39. Joseph says

    From the previews I’ve see of the movie so far, it looks like it should be pretty good. Looking forward to watching.

  40. MJ says

    I was always interested in all the decisionsmade before, during and after WWII. Very excited to see a Movie about FDR.

  41. Aaron Bretveld says

    I probably won’t be seeing it in the theater at all, but I definitely want to see it when it comes out on blu-ray/dvd.

    elangomatt at gmail dot com

  42. Mya Murphy says

    Historical things don’t excite me much, but I do like Bill Murray, it’s OK, I guess. I probably won’t watch, however.

  43. Kent says

    I don’t get excited about many things anymore. However, I know I will be watching this movie. I always watch Bill because he entertains me.

  44. Terry Cross says

    I’ve very excited! This looks like it’ll be a good one.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  45. Carmen says

    I’m excited to see the movie soon. I’m a big history buff and this looks like it will be really good.

  46. Rich Hicks says

    Hope to see it. Just hope that it does not have too much of a Hollywood twist to it.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  47. Taryn Pasco says

    I am very excited to see it now. I did not know to much about it until reading this review.

  48. susan smoaks says

    yes, i can’t wait to see this movie, we don’t get to the movies that much but this is on the top of our list!

  49. Jamie Steagall says

    I am! In fact, I’m SUPER excited to see it. My husband’s equally excited, and that never happens :) It’s going to be great.

  50. Melissa Michaud says

    Love Bill Murray. Can’t wait to see the movie. And I only live 15 minutes away from Hyde Park! Been to FDR’s house many, many times. It is beautiful there!