Harry Styles Dumped Taylor Swift Because She’s “Asexual”?

did harry styles dump taylor swift due to sexual incompatibility?

Poor Taylor Swift just can’t catch a break after her latest failed romance with ‘One Direction’ member Harry Styles. Lisa Osbourne (Lisa Stelly before marrying Jack Osbourne) speculates Taylor must be “bats*it crazy.” Now a supposed friend of Taylor’s told Radar Online the “real reason” Harry broke up with the singer.

“Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a whore because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out. What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

Another source explained:

“Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested. While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, Taylor didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women. It’s no secret he’s sexually active and is enjoying his fame at the moment. But Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

Now I know Taylor’s fashion choices have been a little, um, matronly, but come on! This seems like a bit much. Perhaps Harry’s camp is getting in the “first hit” before Taylor’s next album comes out. I’m more inclined to believe this piece of gossip, myself. What do you believe?