Quentin Tarantino is NOT Your Slave (Video)

quentin tarantino interview

One thing is clear from this interview: Quentin Tarantino has had ENOUGH of being asked about the relationship between violence in the media and real-life violence. The ‘Django Unchained‘ director, who’s known for his exceptionally violence movies, went off on British reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy in this interview when he was asked about the subject. Quentin initially refused to answer. When Krishnan pressed the subject, Quentin got really upset, at one point telling the interviewer, “I’m not your slave!” He obviously has decided he’s not talking about this topic anymore.

You can watch the interview below. The tension starts at about the 4:30 mark. Do you think Quentin over-reacted, given all the violence that’s been happening over the last few months in the United States, or did the interviewer just go too far?