Did Britney Spears Quit ‘X Factor’ Because She Didn’t Get $3 Million Raise?

britney spears quit x factor over $3 million pay raise

Well, this may explain some things. Britney Spears seemed to enjoy her time as a judge on ‘X Factor.’ If you recall, Britney was paid $15 million for that ONE season. Apparently, Britney’s people requested a $3 million raise for her to return for a second season. A source told Radar Online:

“When producers asked if she wanted to return for the third season of ‘The X Factor’, Britney’s reps said she would only come back if she was offered $18 million.

“But after much deliberation, they just felt that Britney wasn’t worth that much because she wasn’t bringing enough to the table. Her performance as a judge was scrutinzed, and she didn’t really add anything to the show. They felt she didn’t warrant a $3 million pay hike. When she originally signed up for $15 million last season, it was stressed that was as far as the network could go financially for her.”

Well, with $15 million in the bank, Britney clearly isn’t hurting for money. I bet no one on either side is terribly upset.