Is This Celeb Couple Reuniting For The Right Reasons? (Celeb Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

Think you can guess this couple? Here’s the goss:

This celebrity couple split a couple of years ago. While the media didn’t cover every nuance of their division, it was definitely ugly behind the scenes. So we were very surprised to hear that this pretty blonde actress and her ex-husband have been privately spending a a lot of time together recently… and are considering taking their reunion public. While it would certainly bring publicity to their respective projects, we hope that publicity is not the primary reason for the hook up.

Hmmm… I’m still working on this one. What are you thinking?

– Item from Blind Gossip

Quote Of The Day: Adele’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Adele Golden Globes Red Carpet Dress 2013

Last night, new mom Adele won Best Song at the Golden Globe Awards for her theme to James Bond film ‘Skyfall’, written alongside producer Paul Epworth. Here’s what she had to say once she got on stage:

 “Oh my God. Oh my God. Honestly, I’ve come out for a night out with my friend. We’re new mums. We’ve literally come for a night out, I was not expecting this.
“It’s very strange to be here and thank you so much for letting me be part of your world for a night. It’s amazing, we’ve been p***ing ourselves, you know.”


“It’s been such a wonderful Bond, and to my boyfriend Simon who convinced me to do it, and to my lovely son – thank you so much.”

Backstage Adele told the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“It’s absolutely amazing, it’s very surreal and quite hilarious because this is not my normal field. My inspiration normally comes from heartbreak but I don’t think I’m going to be devastated again.
“I had my child two weeks before the film came out so it was bad timing. It was such an honor to be involved. Normally I write about my misery and this time I wrote according to someone’s script. It’s absolutely amazing. I took the risk and I’m very proud of it.”

So very proud of Adele! She is one of my favorite music artists for SURE!!


Mark Wahlberg Gets His Dinner To Go

mark wahlberg gets takeout

Mark Wahlberg wasn’t caught up in all the Golden Globes drama yesterday! As a matter of fact, it looked like the father of four was enjoying a very low-key Sunday. Here’s the ‘Broken City‘ star getting some takeout from a Beverly Hills restaurant. Neither Mark nor his wife felt like cooking. Sometimes everybody needs a break!

I wonder if Mark even bothered to watch the Golden Globes? It’s an industry event. Yet if you aren’t nominated and don’t have any projects up for nomination, maybe it’s not even worth following. I seriously doubt Mark tuned in to watch the red carpet fashions, that’s for sure.



Selena Gomez Rocks Skull & Crossbones

selena gomez wears skull and crossbones pants

I hope those pants aren’t indicative of Selena Gomez’s mood! She was seen stopping by her local CVS wearing those interesting pants with skulls and crossbones. Word has it Selena and Justin Bieber are done for good this time. I guess that would put anyone in a less-than-cheerful mood, huh?

The ending of your first major relationship is never easy. I can’t imagine being that young and having to deal with it in front of the WORLD. So, all things considered, wearing skull and crossbones pants is understandable. It’s certainly a better way to deal with it than, saying, going out clubbing and having TMZ film you falling-down-drunk as you leave!



Jillian Michaels & Heidi Rhoades Get Their Kids Off To A Healthy Start

jillian michaels & heidi rhoades with their kids

Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades were spotted taking their kids out to the Farmer’s Market. That’s one of the great things about living in California: year-round farmer’s markets with plenty of fresh, healthy produce! Jillian and Heidi are exposing their kids to healthy food from the start. I’d expect nothing less from The Biggest Loser’s most notorious trainer- LOL.

Have you been watching the new season of ‘The Biggest Loser’? I haven’t had a chance to catch an episode, but from the commercials, it looks like Jillian is as tough as ever! I’m really curious to see the teenage contestants. if you’ve seen the new season, what do you think?


Photos by Goodwin/Sasha/FAMEFLYNET

You Know Who Hates Showbiz Parties Like The Golden Globes? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Golden Globes Red Carpet Dress 2013

Happy couple Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham graced the Golden Globes red carpet last night hand in hand. The 25 year old actress looked AMAZING in her dress. No shocker there. But underneath all the glitz and glam was a shy girl who really isn’t a fan of “big social groups”.

 “I’m a lot shyer than people realize, especially around people I don’t know. It makes you really hold on to the special people. I’ve never felt comfortable in big social groups or going to crazy parties.
“I’ve always been able to see the difference between work and personal life. You won’t see me at one of those parties p****d out of my mind. I don’t try to take my career or myself too seriously, but it’s important to be responsible.”

I can respect that. Rosie – who recently launched a lingerie collection –  told the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine that she realizes that the industry is fickle and her fame will be short-lived. So, she is making the most of it for as long as she can:

“I’ve always been aware that if a f**k up my career I have nothing to fall back on. Mt parents don’t have a ton of money, I left school at 16 – I don’t have many other options. This is what I wanted to do, and you have to survive. This is survival now.”

What do you think about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham as a couple?


Celebrity Birthdays For January 14… Cha, Cha, Cha!

celebrity birthdays for january 14

Happy Birthday to Jason Bateman! He’s 44 today. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday.

  • Blues singer Clarence Carter is 77.
  • Singer-songwriter Allen Toussaint is 75.
  • Singer Jack Jones is 75.
  • Actress Faye Dunaway is 72.
  • Actress Holland Tayloris 70.
  • Singer-producer T Bone Burnett is 65.
  • Actor Carl Weathers is 65.
  • Singer Geoff Tate (Queensryche) is 54.
  • Rapper Slick Rick is 48.
  • Actor-producer Dan Schneider is 47.
  • Actress Emily Watson is 46.
  • Actor-comedian Tom Rhodes is 46.
  • Guitarist Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society) is 46.
  • Rapper LL Cool J is 45.
  • Actor Jason Bateman is 44.
  • Musician Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (and Nirvana) is 44.
  • Singer-guitarist Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon is 31.


Photos by GG/Flynetpictures