Is Britney Headed To Las Vegas?

Britney Spears recently left her high paying gig at The X-Factor, but if rumours turn out to be true the pop superstar won’t be unemployed for long.  Rumour has it that Britney is in talks to star in her own show in Las Vegas that will definitely bring her quite the payday.

Britney is rumoured to be in talks to perform 80 shows a year at a salary of $1 million per show.  That’s a lot of money!  I’m not going to lie – I don’t really see Britney as the type who could pull off 80 shows in Vegas.  But if she does I am definitely going to see it!



James Van Der Beek Hits The Grove With His Wife

Oh Dawson Leery, you’re still so cute!  Am I the only one who misses Dawson’s Creek?  I really wish that the reunion show that has been talked about would really happen, but I’m not crossing my fingers that it will.  I could definitely enjoy seeing James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson back on screen together.

James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly Brook were spotted looking very much in love as they enjoyed a nice dinner together before heading out to do some shopping at The Grove.  James looks just as hot as ever, Kimberly is one lucky lady!



Jennifer Lawrence Stops By The Late Show

It’s been a big week for actress Jennifer Lawrence. First she won The Critics Choice Award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook followed by her big win at The Golden Globes on Sunday, and today Jennifer arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre to visit with David Letterman.

That’s quite the crowd that gathered to see the actress, and she didn’t disappoint!  I love that she made the time to go and sign some autographs before she entered the theatre.  Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook yet? I think it’s one of my favourite movies of the year, and Jennifer is soooo good in it.  I think she just might take home the Oscar for this one!



Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Go For A Hike

How totally cute are Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum?  The couple, who are expecting their first baby, were seen going for a hike through Runyon Canyon with their dogs today.  They both looked like they were trying to go low key, with Channing in sweats and Jenna in yoga pants and a vest.  Jenna is so gorgeous – pregnancy is definitely agreeing with her.

Channing might have had a busy year at the box office last year, but 2013 doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down much at all for the hot star.  Add a new baby to the mix and I think Channing is going to be in for a great year!  We might even get to see him during awards season next year!



Kourtney Kardashian Visits “Sirius” Radio Studios

Talk about a pretty lady! It looks like Kourtney Kardashian is still on her media blitz to promote her reality television show, “Kim and Kourtney Take On Miami” as she was spotted heading to the Sirius Radio Station in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

Kourtney looks so lovely in her white skirt, doesn’t she? I’ve always been a big fan of her style. She just seems to nail it each and every time with everything she wears. Take a look below and let us know what you think! Also, will you be tuning in to her new show when it airs on E!?


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Carrie Underwood Has A Defense Plan For Wardrobe Malfunctions

According to Carrie Underwood, the star always wears shorts to prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. The 29-year-old country singer has admitted she takes drastic measures to stop paparazzi shooting her private parts.

She told Allure magazine: “Underneath every skirt, every dress, I’m wearing shorts … So that everyone in the world knows, if I ever fell down, nobody would get a peek at anything.”

The ‘Inside Your Heaven’ hitmaker thinks people may hold a distorted view of the Nashville scene, disagreeing with Hayden Panettiere‘s portrayal in a new drama TV series named after the ‘Music City’.

The actress claims she modeled her character – fictional rising teen star Juliette Barnes – on Carrie, but the singer warns of its inaccuracy.

She said: “I’m not like that at all. It’s juicy, but I hope not everybody thinks that everything goes down like that in Nashville, and we’re evil. To be honest, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with other types of music – and we’re the least drama-rific people.”

Carrie grew up seeing her mother pull “triple duty” to take care of her family, and the Grammy Award-winner wants to make sure that doesn’t happen when she’s raising her own with husband Mike Fisher.

She admitted: “My mom had a job, and she also took care of us, and she also took care of dad … Doing more than I ever felt like she needed to. I made a promise to myself that it would be more of a team effort in my family someday. And because of that, I became more independent. But it was tough figuring out what kind of guy would work with what I did. Because you have your problems with both.”

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Drew Barrymore Loves Her Body Just The Way It Is

Drew Barrymore wants you to know that she loves her post-baby body, with the baby weight and all. The actress refuses to criticize herself for not losing weight immediately after her daughter’s birth.

The 37-year-old actress welcomed Olive into the world in September, and she’s shunning the idea she should rush to lose her baby weight because a healthy body image would help her child. She told USA Today: “It takes time. Screw these impossible expectations. I’m doing it very healthy and sensibly. You gotta be nice to yourself. What kind of parent are you going to be if you’re to be berating yourself in the mirror?”

She added: “I want to instill in her that when she’s happy on the inside she’ll be the most beautiful on the outside. I have to live by that same mantra and it’s a lot easier because I get to eat.”

Drew married art consultant Will Kopelman in June and is really embracing motherhood, becoming “diaper changer” royalty since Olive’s birth. The ‘Going the Distance‘ star said: “Oh my God. I am king diaper changer! Absolutely. I love baby care. You want in life to have that sense that you know what to do. The baby has a schedule. This is the temperature the bottle should be. This is how you swaddle. This is how you use a bulb syringe. This is when you do tummy time. I do everything so fully. The best thing I can do is be calm and happy, because she senses stress.”


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