A Still-Pregnant Shakira Supports Her Dad

a pregnant shakira at dad's book presentation

Shakira and her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, probably got a good laugh when media outlets picked up his joking tweet of a birth announcement and start publishing it as fact! As you can see here, Shakira is still very much pregnant. Her rep said she isn’t due until February. Shakira looks like she’s feeling good, however.

She attended the presentation of the book ‘The Wind and Random,’ written by William Mebarak. William is Shakira’s dad, so she was being a supportive daughter… awww. I can’t wait to see Shakira and Usher do the upcoming season of ‘The Voice’! I wondered show Shakira was going to do it since she gives birth in February, but the new season won’t start until March 25. Hopefully that will give her enough time to feel ready, although it seems soon to me. Check out this promo for the new season of ‘The Voice.’ Hilarious!