Jennifer Connelly Makes Time For Work & Play On ‘Winter’s Tale’ Set

jennifer connelly shoots a winter's tale

Jennifer Connelly is still hard at work shooting ‘Winter’s Tale‘ in New York City. The caption with the pictures says Jennifer shoot some scenes before going for a walk with her daughter, Agnes. I’m guessing Agnes is the little girl Jennifer’s carrying, since Agnes will be two this May.

The girl in the magenta coat is a child actress? I haven’t read the book ‘Winter’s Tale,’ so I don’t know anything about the characters or what happens.Jennifer’s older kids are both boys, however. ‘Winter’s Tale’ reunites Jennifer with her ‘A Beautiful Mind’ co-star, Russell Crowe. I’m looking forward to catching a trailer for this movie, since I’m fans of both of them!






  1. Ana says

    The young co-star in the magenta coat is Ripley Sobo. She originated the role of Ivanka in the musical ONCE. She is 9 years old.