Heidi Klum Says It’s Easy To End Up Naked In Photoshoots

heidi klum on dangers of modeling

Heidi Klum said models have to be careful: it’s easy to end up naked in photoshoots. What?! The former model explained:

“When you have a good body, photographers will often be like, ‘Yeah let’s take this off, and why don’t we lose this too. You can quickly end up not wearing much clothing. You have to be careful and strong at saying no, especially when you’re younger and on your own. Not everyone is cool and has your best interest [at heart].”

Okay, now that I understand, especially with some young girl who really, really, really wants to be a model. Heidi said young models have to be fearless.

“I’ve learned to not be scared. When you’re young and pretty, you can’t be vulnerable. You can’t be meek, either. Not that I’d hurt anyone to get to the top, but you have to bring your hustle and watch your back.”

I can see that. Heidi also shared some of the weirder things about being a model: like getting body parts insured. She had to get her legs insured when she got a contract with Braun razers.

“In London, I had to go to an insurance firm and this person just checked out my legs. On one knee, I have a scar from when I fell and had to get stitches, so they made that leg less expensive than the other. But I went with it. And obviously, it’s all very flattering.”

That’s an insurance company- nickel and diming you to the end! Like it wouldn’t hurt the advertising campaign as much if she suffered some type of injury and had the scarred leg amputated- LOL.