Is Katie Holmes Trying To Win Back Joshua Jackson?

Uh-oh! Diane Kruger better keep an eye out for her man, Joshua Jackson. Rumor has it that Katie Holmes has been “bombarding” her former flame with phone calls and is possibly trying to win him back. Here’s what we’re reading:

According to the supermarket tabloid, after Holmes “reconnected” with Jackson last summer, the actress has been “bombarding” her former “Dawson’s Creek” costar with “constant calls and messages, causing huge problems with Diane,” who thinks the whole situation is “weird.”

Kruger, claims a so-called “insider” for the magazine, “isn’t so sure of Katie’s intentions and doesn’t feel comfortable with the amount of communication that’s going on — he almost talks to Katie more than her.”

But with Jackson’s longtime girlfriend “giving him major grief about his relationship with his ex, he could be up a whole different creek unless he cools it with Katie.”

Hmm… what do you guys think? I highly doubt that this is true. Katie doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would try to reconnect with someone who’s been in a stable relationship for years now.


Photos via FameFlynet